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Teeth Whitening
in Fort Mcmurray

Teeth Whitening

Fort McMurray Family Dentists

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the dental world. At Franklin Dental, we use ZOOM technology to whiten your teeth. This puts a smile on our face because we know we have boosted your self-confidence by enhancing your appearance. Our whitening treatment takes about an hour to complete, is completely safe and pain free.

Franklin Dental offers a free whitening with any new patient exam and cleaning or recall exam and cleaning for all our patients!

*Inquire with clinic for all details
Venus White Pro Whitening Gel Instructions
We are proud to offer fee teeth whitening home kits with each new patient and dental cleaning or recall exam appointment. Please read the below instructions for your home teeth whitening kit. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 780-790-0088. 

Zoom Technology

For Teeth Whitening

Our ZOOM technology is here to get rid of those yellow stains on your teeth and leave a natural colour through the following process. Franklin Dental offers a free whitening with any new patient exam and cleaning or recall exam and cleaning for all our patients! *See terms and conditions

Before your teeth are whitened it is necessary to make sure they are free of plaque and debris so a full dental cleaning is done. Once we ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy the whitening process can begin. A carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel is applied to your teeth for approximately 15-30 minutes. When we see the initial results, there may be some areas that need a second treatment. The gel is re-applied with the appropriate processing time. A highly intensive light can also be used to enhance the whitening process.
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How Long Does
Teeth Whitening Last?

Fort McMurray Family Dental

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You will notice results immediately but the full effects will only take place a few days later. The treatment lasts up to 3 years providing you care for your teeth in the appropriate ways.
Over the counter products are not as strong as professional whitening; they have lower levels of peroxide concentrations.

What To Expect After My Treatment

You may notice some sensitivity after the whitening process for about 24-48 hours but if your teeth are still sensitive after this time then we need you to come back and see us. A sensitivity toothpaste will help ease the pain. For your teeth to stay sparkling white, it is necessary for you to keep up a whitening routine at home. Home products on the market come in the form of brush on whiteners, strips and trays. Note that these over the counter products will not provide as much of a shade change in your teeth because they have lower levels of peroxide concentrations.

When you are ready to come back for another whitening make sure you come see us at Franklin Dental for that professional whitening that maintains your bright white smile.

Free Teeth Whitening Terms and Conditions

These conditions include, but are not limited to having a complete check up to assess the health of your teeth and gums. Additionally, an exam, appropriately recommended radiographs, scaling, polish and fluoride must be completed before whitening tray impressions are taken.
If you have further questions, please contact us at 780-790-0088.

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Open on Saturday and during the week nights, we can book you in for a dental appointment when most offices will be closed. Our friendly staff will provide you with a personalized dental experience, taking care of your tooth and gum needs. Our certified professionals will accommodate sedation requirements during your procedure to help get rid of those nerves. 

At Franklin Dental, there is no need to worry once your appointment is complete because we follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide so your dental experience can be an affordable venture.
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New Patient?

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Currently, we are taking on new patients and want you to be the next one. Call us to book your appointment with one of our dental personnel. When visiting Franklin Dental for the first time, you can expect a comprehensive oral exam and x-rays. 

We will walk through our assessment of your teeth and gums, then discuss future treatments that are individually suited to you. You will leave Franklin Dental with a confident, proud smile.
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