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How May We Help? Additional Care Dentistry Services

As an addition to our general/preventative, cosmetic and restorative dental care, we offer additional services including Sleep Apnea/Snore Guards, TMJ Treatment and Space Maintainers.

Additional Care

Dental Services

Fort McMurray Family Dentists

Come down to Franklin Dental where we can help you have straight, healthy, happy teeth for many years to come. Tell us your dental concerns and we will offer you treatment options to correct issues and keep you in good oral health.

Open evenings and weekends, we are available at your convenience. 

Sleep Apnea and Snore Guards

We can offer you snore guards and tongue retainers to aid with sleep apnea problems and snoring. It is possible to help open up those blocked airways by coming for sleep apnea and snore guard treatment at Franklin Dental.

TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, known as TMJ, is a disorder that causes pain in the joints along the sides of your jaw. We have TMJ treatment so that you can live life with more comfort. If left without treatment, TMJ can cause further suffering so it is crucial to get this service as soon as possible. 

Contact us for treatment options today.

Space Maintainers

With Franklin Dental.

Fort McMurray Family Dentists

From the moment you step through our doors, we care for your teeth and help them grow in properly. Space maintainers are used to reserve specific spots in your child’s mouth to allow their fully formed teeth to grow in straight. Without a space maintainer in place, their teeth can come through their gums in the wrong locations, causing crooked teeth. 

It is important for you to have straight teeth as well as your children so we offer space maintainers for adults too. If you have lost teeth or had a recent extraction, we can use the device to keep this space open for replacement teeth.

New Patient?

Fort McMurray Family Dentists 

Do you need a dentist that caters to families, children, adults and the elderly? We have dental professionals ready to take you on as a patient, just fill out our new patient form and you are ready for a beautiful smile.

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