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Below we answer some of the most common dental questions to help you be fully informed before sitting in the dentist chair.
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I believe my teeth are in terrific shape. Why do I need to come to the dentist a cleaning?

If you brush your teeth and floss on a regular basis, your daily oral hygiene is being taken care of for a healthy smile, but this is not a replacement for coming to the dentist. When you visit us at Franklin Dental, we perform a variety of in depth treatments for a more comprehensive cleaning. Let us tell you about further dental treatments you may need or possibly help reverse gum disease. Save yourself time and money in the future by booking regular dental cleanings and checkups in advance.

With so many toothbrush choices on the market, how do I know which one is right for me?

As long as your toothbrush is good at removing plaque and safe on your gums then it is a great choice for your oral health. Usually, soft bristle brushes are a good option. Manual and electric toothbrushes are both useful for oral cleanings and the choice depends on your dexterity and comfort levels. Don’t forget to floss daily!

What is gum disease?

Gum disease is also known as periodontal disease or gingivitis, in its early stage. This disease is caused by a sticky, colourless film that remains on your teeth after eating or sleeping. The infection can go unnoticed and causes the gums to separate from the teeth, creating further opportunities for infection and decay.

How does the dentist sterilize the instruments?

We use the latest sterilization methods for your ultimate comfort and safety. Protective gloves, masks and eyewear are used. The gloves are disposed of and a new set is used for each patient visit. Our hands are washed with antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer. All surfaces in the treatment rooms that come in contact with staff or patients are covered with barriers and disinfected at the beginning and end of each treatment with a patient. Our instruments are sterilized or only used once then disposed of after each patient. When we sterilize our products, first we wash them then soak them in a disinfectant while running them through an ultra-sonic machine. Finally, we sterilize the instruments under a chemical pressure or by use of steam. We conduct chemical and biological tests each day to ensure you have effective, clean instruments used on your mouth.

Why do you take x-rays?

X-rays allow us to take what we call a radiograph (picture) of your teeth and gums plus the bone and ligaments that hold the teeth in place. We need these photos to help us look for disease and check on tooth development that is unseen with the naked eye. We also use x-rays to view the progress of certain dental procedures.

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