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Oral Examination Services 
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Oral Exams 

Fort McMurray Family Dentists

Oral exams are commonly referred to as dental exams and we recommend you come in to Franklin Dental Centre for one of these every 6-12 months. If you want to maintain great oral health then this is the exam you need. Your professional dentist and friendly team at Franklin Dental look for many things during an exam such as cavities, positioning of your teeth and if you have damaged, missing or decayed teeth.

After your visit to Franklin Dental Centre your smile will be bright for those amazing set of pictures, with your dental health in top shape.

The Process

Of A Oral Exam

We start your oral exam by visually inspecting the inside of your mouth then examine your neck area for inflammation. Inflammation can indicate health problems such as oral cancer. We ask you a series of thorough questions regarding your medical history, as this is a key factor in assessing your oral health. At Franklin Dental Centre, it is important that you are your healthiest so our detailed questions are here for your safety. These questions will be more in-depth the first time you come in to see us because we are getting to know you as a patient.

Depending on the analysis we do, we may require you to get dental x-rays. The images we gather in the x-rays help us see if you have fractures, decay under the gum line, cavities under existing fillings, impacted wisdom teeth or bone loss caused by gum disease.

We check your tongue, palate and the floor of your mouth ensuring you are void of bleeding and inflammation.
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What To Expect
With An Oral Exam

Fort McMurray Oral Exams

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You can expect to sit in the dentist chair for approximately 1 hour and we may ask you to return so we can check the healing and progress of your treatments. It is ideal for a child to get a dental exam starting at 12 months old. If you no longer have natural teeth it is still important to consult the dentist to maintain your oral health and to see if you need teeth replacements.

We may need to take a dental impression. How does the dentist make an impression? It is a process where we create a copy of your teeth and oral tissue. We perform this procedure to examine your bite and make a mouthguard or bleaching trays custom fitted for your teeth. Custom made mouth guards are long lasting. A horseshoe shaped tray with soft gelatine like material gets placed over your upper/lower teeth. We then record and evaluate your bite by asking you to close your teeth down on a soft material.
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Start Smiling

Are you dreading the upcoming photos on your professional headshot day? Stop worrying and let us take care of you. After your visit to Franklin Dental Centre your smile will be bright for those amazing set of pictures, with your dental health in top shape.

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Open on Saturday and during the week nights, we can book you in for a dental appointment when most offices will be closed. Our friendly staff will provide you with a personalized dental experience, taking care of your tooth and gum needs. Our certified professionals will accommodate sedation requirements during your procedure to help get rid of those nerves. 

At Franklin Dental, there is no need to worry once your appointment is complete because we follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide so your dental experience can be an affordable venture.
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New Patient?

Fort McMurray Family Dentists 

Currently, we are taking on new patients and want you to be the next one. Call us to book your appointment with one of our dental personnel. When visiting Franklin Dental for the first time, you can expect a comprehensive oral exam and x-rays. 

We will walk through our assessment of your teeth and gums, then discuss future treatments that are individually suited to you. You will leave Franklin Dental with a confident, proud smile.
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