Is Sedation Dentistry right for me?

  • Have you avoided going to the dentist for an extensive period of time even though you know you need treatment?
  • Do you often cancel appointments out of fear or anxiety?
  • Do you need extensive dental treatment, but dread the thought of getting it done?
  • Have you had a traumatic dental experience in the past?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety that makes it difficult for you to lie down in the dental chair for a longer appointment?Would you like the ability to have more than one dental procedure completed during a single visit?
  • Is your gag reflex overly responsive?
  • Do you have hypersensitive teeth?
  • Do you have a pain threshold that is low or nonexistent?

If any of these statements describe you, Sedation Dentistry may be the solution for you.

At Franklin Dental Centre you can expect to be treated with professionalism and compassion - no judgment.
We have treated many patients with extreme anxiety and they often leave our office with a healthy smile and a new, positive attitude about future visits. 
We are confident that our relaxing office, professional staff and use of Sedation Dentistry can dramatically ease your anxiety.

If you simply want to explore the possibility of oral conscious sedation, you can do so with no risk or investment. Franklin Dental Centre offers Sedation Dentistry consultations at no charge. 

Take the first step towards a healthy, beautiful smile and schedule your free consultation today.