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August 9th, 2021

What to ask your dentist when filing a dental Mediclaim

A dental Mediclaim can help save you money next time you visit the dentist, but what is the dental Mediclaim process? Your Fort McMurray orthodontist will be able to fill you in on what steps to take. In the meantime, here are some questions you can ask your dentist at your next appointment.

Are routine exams covered?

You will want to know if regular check-ups and cleanings are included in your dental Mediclaim plan. These are common appointments you will make throughout your life so having them included can be huge savings. Seeing a dentist twice a year is highly recommended.

Are there restrictions on the plan?

Finding out what is not included in your Mediclaim plan will better prepare you to calculate what you won’t be covered for.

What type of plan is it?

There are many Mediclaim plans available, each with its own rules and regulations. If you want more coverage, it will likely cost more money. Check with your provider to find the plan that is right for you.

Are there any extra benefits?

Your plan might not have all the details laid out in writing, so make sure to check every last aspect of it so you know if there are extra benefits you can take advantage of.

Is there additional support offered?

You will want to find out when you can get support. Having a support line available is great if you have questions or need immediate help.

Does the amount in my plan transfer to a new year?

Not all plans are the same, so you will want to find out if the amount available to use is transferable to the next year. If not, you should consider using your coverage before it expires.

Can my family also use my plan?

Knowing if your family can readily access your dental coverage plan is important. You might want to have your children get their dental work done at the orthodontists in Fort Mac. Having your kids’ dental fees included with your dental Mediclaim process can help you save even more.

Where can I check the balance of my claim?

Checking for the balance will be important when trying to figure out if you have enough left for that one more appointment you need during the year.

A dental Mediclaim process can be simple. You just need to make sure to ask the right questions!

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