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April 19th, 2022

Are You Suffering from Sleep Apnea? These Treatment Options can Help

According to Statistics Canada, 6.4% of Canadians claimed to have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. That’s nearly 2.5 million people! This entails that the prevalence of this condition is far-reaching and much more common than most tend to realize. For this reason, Franklin Dental is your trusted, go-to-sleep apnea clinic in Fort McMurray. 

We house an expert team of healthcare professionals who can help treat your sleep apnea. As such, you’ll be able to move past this condition to live and sleep better. Keep reading to learn more.

Sleep Apnea Treatments in Fort McMurray

Not getting enough sleep – or enough quality sleep – has many consequences. It makes you irritable, cranky, fatigued, and can even negatively impact your immune system and overall health.

And that’s why sleep apnea shouldn’t be taken lightly. This condition can throw your once unperturbed sleeping pattern completely off-kilter. For this reason, we here at Franklin Dental are here to help.  

We provide sleep apnea treatments and solutions to help you regain the quality sleep you need to function. There are many adjustments you can make to improve the quality of your sleep. Some of which include:

  • Regular exercise
  • Allergy medications
  • Avoid sleeping on your back (opt for your side or on your stomach)
  • Nasal decongestant

Additionally, there are also various therapeutic options that can be of assistance. You can opt for positive airway pressure (PAP) treatment, a nasal pillow mask, even a simple mouthpiece can be sufficient to cure – or at the very least – manage your sleep apnea. 

Additional Dental Care Services

At Franklin Dental, our mission is to serve you with superior oral solutions in any capacity that is required. As such, we provide a whole host of sleep apnea treatment options to help you. 

View the list below to see which additional dental care services are most relevant to you and your particular situation. 

Sleep Apnea & Snore Guards

Do you have a partner that snores? Is this disturbing your sleep and making you irritable every day? One of our sleep apnea solutions is to obtain a snore guard. This device is essentially a sports mouthguard that doubles as a snoring deterrent. 

It works by forcing the bottom jaw outward, allowing the airway to remain open so that air can continue to flow through unobstructed. As a result, breathing is clear and snoring is prevented. 

TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, otherwise known as TMJ, is an affliction that results in painful joints on the sides of the jaw. The pain is most pronounced on the jawbone, on the connective ligament that bonds the jawbone to the skull. 

This condition is typically the result of a few things such as teeth grinding, jaw injuries, arthritis, or even genetics. It is usually accompanied by a clicking or popping noise when you chew, yawn, or speak. 

Possible treatment options include:

  • Consuming softer foods
  • Medicinal supplements 
  • Mouthguards

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are used mostly for children when the loss of baby teeth happens too soon. These devices act as dividers; reserving the space until their permanent teeth grow in and fill the gaps. However, adult space maintainers are also available. 

Space maintainers essentially “hold the line” for your fixed teeth to bud in and take their proper place within your mouth. 

Final Thoughts

Yes, sleep apnea can be a debilitating condition. Anything that compromises the quality of your sleep can be seen as such. For this reason, it’s crucial to ensure you take the proper steps. That’s why at Franklin Dental, we house an experienced team of dental professionals who can help. 

Contact us today for more information


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